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Yuletide Recs - Part I - Cook's Illustrated, OUaT, Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up), How To Talk..., HDM

Here is my first fic-rec post for the 2011 Yuletide archives. I've got so many more fics to get through but these are a few to get started. From various fandoms:

1) Signs of the Apocalypse (or Just Another Day in the Test Kitchen) (Cook's Illustrated (Cookbooks), Doctor Who (2005), Cooks, The Doctor, Amy Pond) - Ahaha, this was such a delightful thing to read. Humourous, well written, quirky. I don't even know how Cook's Illustrated can be a fandom, but rock on!

2) At the Toll Bridge (Once Upon a Time, Emma Swan, Sheriff Graham, Regina Mills, Mr Gold) - A bit lengthy but absolutely worth it. The way the author weaves the story in and out of flashbacks with connecting lines is really neat; I don't know, I just really like the segues here.

3) Three Sisters (Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up), Fairytales) - This one is just amazing. It's written like an old tale/fable, and it makes use of the Flo song so well. I actually offered for this 'fandom' as well, but I'm glad I didn't get assigned it. I just don't think I could pull off something as good as this.

4) Observatories (How To Talk To Girls At Parties, Stella, Vic, Enn, Triolet, Tourist, Wain's Wain) - It's been a long time since I've read this short story, so I actually can't even remember anything. Still, I really enjoyed the characterizations here. Each one is handled really well and with a clear amount of care.

Favourite bits:
I had logic, I had fluency of thought on the subject. Instead, before I could speak, fluid ran from my eyes and obscured the window on world that my senses are narrowed to, and I gasped for air, and I hurt, and the hurt was not in the meat body, which has the nerves and bleeding-systems for it - it was in my mind. In me. The body responded for me.

5) Intersections (His Dark Materials, Ruta Skadi, Lord Asriel) - I love getting to see the thoughts and stories of the secondary and tertiary (and background) characters in this series. Honestly, I can't get enough of it. This was a really well written piece about Ruta Skadi and Lord Asriel's relationship before canon starts.

Favourite bits:
The man regarded the witch for several moments, as if deciding how much of the truth to tell. "They won't be following me," he replied. "Officially, I'm studying the earth's anbaric field and its effects on the atmosphere. They have no reason to disbelieve me. Not yet, anyway. I didn't realize I'd strayed this far, though. I assure you, I had no intention of trespassing. What I'm really doing is studying Dust. I want to counter the Magisterium's work on the subject, and I believe my research will benefit both of us."

The snow leopard dæmon touched her nose to Sergi once again, and the knowledge that the man was honest in his words, though still hiding much of the truth, took hold in Ruta. But that didn't matter, not when she could plainly tell he'd felt the same spark the second time their dæmons touched.

The first time she took him as her lover, they didn't know each other's names.

More to come!

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