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For: [ profile] spooky_lemur
Title: totem
Fandom: His Dark Materials
Pairing/Character: Will Parry
Rating: G
Wordcount: 164
Prompt: Will Parry, pocket knives and missed connections.
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He still carries around a knife. )
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Uuuh. I wasn't able to get on the whole Reveal bandwagon, due to my not having the Internets. But I am back from all the hardcore partying and whatnot now (lulz. I can't say that with a straight face).


I wrote two stories this year, one for [personal profile] karayan in my favourite fandom of the mo': Percy Jackson and the Olympians and a Madness quick-fic in one of my favourite fandoms of all time: His Dark Materials for [personal profile] rynne.

Firstly, the assignment: Nico di Angelo and the No Good, Very Bad Day (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Nico di Angelo-Percy Jackson, Rated G)

It was difficult for me to not squee and fangirl and give away what I was writing when I got my assignment, because I sort of joined for this very reason: to write/receive Percy Jackson fic. I know, I know. How awfully lame of me!

Anyway! I was so excited to write this story that I had an outline and research ready to do things with a week or so after I got the assignment. It was the actual writing of it that eventually started wearing down on me. I put aside my other writing projects for Yuletide, I wrote in several London cafes, then finished the last half of it in Toronto when I got back. It started off really well, but by the latter half of my story, I was so frustrated (see my batshit entry) that I nearly chucked the entire thing out.

Luckily, sane, awesome people like [ profile] sotto_voice, [personal profile] rincredible and pretty much everyone who left a comment there managed to calm me down some and stop me from becoming the big emopuss I was heading to be. Plus, I was running very low on time to restart from scratch; so I rolled up my sleeves, took everyone's advice, and went back into it and tried to remember the bits I actually loved about it as well as what I generally love about Percy Jackson. I love Nico, I love Percy, and I love Riordan's Greek Myth world. I also liked my recip's prompt very much. Knowing these things, I got it to work. I still don't love it, but I don't hate it the way I did before.

I - uh. Think I did okay? I mean, I am the only one who wrote anything for this minuscule fandom, so there actually isn't a lot to compare it to, but I've received a heck of a lot of hits for the story and enough comments to feel like people didn't hate it. And my recipient, Eldritch, appeared to have liked the story, which was really the point of it all anyway! (Her Percy Jackson fanfiction, btw, is amazing too.)

Also: I could not think of what to name this story. I thank Jackie for giving me the title, which basically came about when we were talking about how Nico's life is so hard and this was a pretty bad day for the poor kid. (It's a bit of an homage to: this book.)

The second fic I worked on and completed was But it will not bring disaster (His Dark Materials, Will Parry, Elaine Parry, Rated PG)

I actually ended up feeling better about this one than my assignment. I wrote it in an afternoon and had it beta-ed that same evening. While I tried to follow [personal profile] rynne's prompt as closely as possible, I still feel like it kind of strayed away from it. It also became something of a bittersweet fic instead of the happy one I intended to write. (Which was what I was bitching about on Twitter, among other things - for those of you who noticed.)

It was shorter, which I liked - because hell, my stories can get really long and never end argh - and it was really cool to try writing for a character who doesn't usually get a point of view in fanfic: Will Parry's mum, Elaine. I love her, by the way. She was fun to write for.

I started out writing Will and Lyra for another prompt, but when I saw the prompt for this one - something about someone discovering the changes for either Will or Lyra that they, themselves, don't even notice - I had the idea of a Will and Elaine fic, with Elaine providing the POV.

I meant to write a couple more Madness fics, but by the end of it all, my brains were pretty fried up. I have a couple of 25-50% finished things I may or may not go back to and try again, but we'll see. One thing I knew coming into this exchange is that I am, by no means, a fantastic fanfiction writer. I haven't written a substantial piece of fanfiction in years (100-word drabbles don't count) and what I used to write is utter trite.

Thing is, I always feel pretty uncomfortable writing for other people's well-established, well-loved characters, unless it's RP - for whatever reasons. (Maybe it's the judging audience factor and the fact that if I fuck up, then it's all on me.) Basically, I don't know these characters as well as the author does, and if I mess up their voice or the way the canon feels, then I haven't done a very good job.

But, I'm not gonna lie - despite my trials and tribulations, I really enjoyed participating. I loved the community spirit of Yuletide, the cheering, the secret-keeping, the receiving (especially the receiving, because OMG I RECEIVED SUCH AN AWESOME FIC this year) and the giving of it. So, yeah. Even though I'm not terribly good, I'll probably participate next year, barring life kicking my arse.

Finally, I want to give my beta readers a big well-loved appreciation shoutout for their help in making my works readable. [personal profile] rincredible and [ profile] wicked_chaotic, thank you so so so much for helping me out. Without you guys, I would have unreadable, rambly, awful crap that no one would want to read. Your opinions and comments and general cheerleading meant so much to me.

I realize now that I probably shouldn't have named my beta readers in my works when I wrote little notes at the top, but I was under the impression they would be hidden until the reveal too? Oh, well. I don't think anyone guessed it was me anyway.

It was a pretty cool experience, Yuletide. Seeing people uploading their fic into the Archives throughout the 21st through to the 25th, the rambly LJ entries (reading people's ranty LJ entries about Yuletide was one of my favourite parts), and of course the Christmas morning SQUEE was awesome and heartwarming. It's cool that little fandoms get their time in the spotlight, and I was able to read from the small fandoms I covet but can hardly ever find decent fanfic for.