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From Rog:

Comment here listing your pups, and others will reply to you with some sort of prompt. Your challenge is to write a mini-fic from the prompt which is exactly one sentence long.

From [ profile] ikissdhimback:

Albus: poetry. :)

He was reading Keats this time... )


And/Or, Ned: sympathy.

I told you, a nine year old Ned... )

From [personal profile] muji

Ruby re: Sam, to Sallie.

Oh, yeah - he might be kinda cranky... )

From [ profile] tauntingdragons

Nico, hanging out in LA and talking to a random tourist.

From time to time... )

From [profile] onomatopoeic

Ned: inventing another one of his "contraptions". ;D

Ned gives the wrench another pull... )

From [ profile] ceitfianna

Annabeth and Sameth in the forge

It's not even like she hasn't... )


Albus taking on a dare

Risk-taking is not a big... )
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This is mostly stuff taken from my other journal, in response to the following meme:

Give me a pairing and a prompt and I will write you a fic that is no more than three lines long.

I've just stuck 'em here for archival purposes. Feel free to have a read if you want!

a bunch of prompts! )
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For [ profile] ceitfianna:
Tom/Jane - "all things out of season"

Spring has come and gone... )


For [ profile] ceitfianna:
Ned - "these prizes are for living men"

You didn't understand, he says... )

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