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Happy 2012, everyone! I spent NYE with my best friend. We collabed a little holiday story together, drank a fair amount, and welcomed the new year with laughter and Mary Poppins on TV.

It was the perfect way to welcome the new year.

In any case, I completely forgot about Yuletide Reveals today! It wasn't until I loaded up my DW reading list that I got the memo. So, hopping aboard the bandwagon ...

My assignment was for a fandom I've never written for + characters I've never written for - with the exception of Jess, whom I play a little here and there in [ profile] mixed_muses. So - uh. That was difficult! And after not writing anything fic-like for a year, my skills were incredibly rusty. But my recipient seems to have enjoyed it, and I've gotten a lot of good feedback and kudoses, so it can't have been too horrible.

Synthetic silk curtains and pyjamas by [ profile] zelly for [ profile] portland_rain
Fandom: New Girl
Wordcount: 3,875
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Nick, Jess, Winston, Cece, Schmidt
Summary: Jess and Nick are pretty sure they're ready to move forward. Apparently they're not the only ones. With two roommates and a best friend set to get involved, antics ensue.

I also wrote a madness treat in yet another fandom I've never written for. It also seems to have gotten some pretty good feedback, which gives me the happies. Seriously, every time I see a little notification in my Inbox, I get a thrill of glee. I am so pathetic.

if it all fits by [ profile] zelly for [ profile] aeriel
Fandom: Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld
Wordcount: 1,214
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Deryn Sharp, Aleksandar Ferdinand, Nora Barlow
Summary: A short little humourous piece involving a little cross-dressing and experimentation.

A big, big thank you to [personal profile] rincredible for beta-ing this year! Considering the incredibly tight schedule, I am so grateful for her time. <3 I'd been meaning to get another treat in, but alas. Time and brainspace were not willing to cooperate.

I ... should really finish my recs-lists. I have part one here, but I have another part I was supposed to get to.

I am so looking forward to writing more. [ profile] yuletide is legit one of my favourite times of the year. Till next Yuletide!
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Here is my first fic-rec post for the 2011 Yuletide archives. I've got so many more fics to get through but these are a few to get started. From various fandoms:

Cook's Illustrated, His Dark Materials, How To Talk To Girls At Parties, Once Upon a Time, Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) )

More to come!
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My Yuletide Madness fic - it is so amazing. I am so freakin' lucky to get not only Heroes of Olympus fic, but also Leviathan fic this year.

Le Sentiment de Vivre, by Anonymous

She dreams that she is flying. Her massive bulk glides high above a blue-green sea flecked with intermittent islands, their white-sand beaches standing out like starlight pricks against a darkening sky. She feels the sunlight as energy, absorbed through her membranous skin; she feels the breeze and the currents enveloping her lithe form, weaving around and about the cilia that move of their own accord, extending sensation outwards, seeking an updraft and wafting her higher. She glories in it, feeling each fresh breath of air as a caress.

It's just so pretty. And so in character. And it deserves more recognition than it has received thus far. So, if you have a moment, read it, guys!

As for the fics I've written, they've been getting a surprising amount of positive feedback. Sure, it mostly comes in the form of kudoses, but it's still very much appreciated. I get a little thrill of gratitude and excitement whenever I see a notif in my Inbox.

I just wish people took more advantage of commenting abilities!

I hope to have a rec-fic post done before I head back to Vancouver and start the new semester. I had half of one last year, but laziness and being busy kind of kept me from completing and posting it. This year I plan not to do that.

Ohgod, I can't believe I go back in a week, exactly. D: On the one hand, I am excited, but on the other ... I haven't had the time to be lazy yet! And the break feels too short!
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So, ngl, I wasn't really sure what to expect for Yuletide.

I got this amazing thing. EEEEEEEEEEE. I can't stop squeaking to myself with glee. Heroes of Olympus fic. Starring Leo Valdez, and a couple of fantastic and unexpected cameos.


Runaways, by Anonymous

It’s not in the clothes, he decides, in fact on that count Leo seems to be doing even better, slightly tatty looking maybe and he’s definitely smelt better, god he can smell himself from here, but at least his clothes are still in one piece. Whereas the three of them, even down to their skin, are coated with dirt and something that he doesn’t even want to think about but looks suspiciously like some kind of slug slime times a thousand, a covering of which seems to have matted to Kayla’s hair like a thick wad of gum. They all seem to be wearing the same under shirt though, like they’re all part of the same team, their own unique unit; a vivid bright orange that wouldn’t look out of place on a night time cyclist it’s that blinding, and definitely not something to keep you out of sight on the streets. But it’s more than that that divides them, the way that they sit close together, watching each other’s backs in a way they don’t even seem aware of, all limbs waiting tense, ready to leap into action at a minutes’ notice if need be. A far cry from when he last sheltered alongside some kids and couldn’t help but notice the haunted looks that seemed to be etched into everyone’s faces.

I read it so fast the first time around that I'll definitely have to give it another go (not that I wouldn't have anyway!) to formulate a more coherent comment for my Yuletide Author than a 10-second bout of keyboard smashing.




It is just so action-packed and exciting, and Leo is so adorable, and the descriptions are so cool and just - everything about it is kind of ridiculously awesome.

And I have a Yuletide Madness gift awaiting me too, once they open up the archives.

Also: I am so, so stoked that I received not one but two gifts. I would have been happy with my assigned fic! (Which, seriously guys - go read it; it's awesome!)

I hope to have one more Madness treat written before the archives close tomorrow, but man. I am going to have a pretty busy day; we'll see.

In the meantime, I hope all of you have an awesome Christmas/Yuletide/holiday/etc.!

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