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Fandom: The Raven Cycle
Subject: Gansey/Adam
Title: sepia photographs.
Notes: just a whole lot of moody, sad love songs for two boys desperately in love with each other ...

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So, I never intended on posting this fanmix up, but when I mentioned it in my 25-things meme, [personal profile] wanderlustlover expressed interest in it. Thus, I created some album art to go along with it - nothing fancy, just an accompanying cover & back - and decided that okay, despite all embarrassment, I will post it.

If anything, the music is pretty.

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Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Doctor (10)/Rose
Title: Can't Take the Distance

Wee! My second fanmix. I was a little more ambitious this time and completed not only a tracklisting and the coverart and back-cover, but inserts as well - sort of like a booklet with snippets from the song's lyrics that suited (imo) the Doctor and Rose (and a teeny little bit of 10.5) best. This means that this post is pretty image-heavy; if you're worried about load-times, then it'd probably be best you don't click the link. There are sixteen fairly substantial-sized images behind the cut.

This fanmix is dedicated to - and created for - [profile] rin_sakaguchi, as part of our fanmix swap (seems to be an annual thing, I think). She is lovely and wonderful and made of win! As per usual, if anyone else wants to snag this mix, feel free. I spent a lot of work doing this, so any comments would also be appreciated. ;D Enjoy!

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So, this is for [profile] rin_sakaguchi, but if anyone else wants to swipe a song (or all), then by all means, I encourage you to. Let me know if you're taking and also let me know if the file expires.

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