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zelly b. ([personal profile] tollers) wrote2012-01-01 05:09 pm

[yuletide/archived] reveal 2011

Happy 2012, everyone! I spent NYE with my best friend. We collabed a little holiday story together, drank a fair amount, and welcomed the new year with laughter and Mary Poppins on TV.

It was the perfect way to welcome the new year.

In any case, I completely forgot about Yuletide Reveals today! It wasn't until I loaded up my DW reading list that I got the memo. So, hopping aboard the bandwagon ...

My assignment was for a fandom I've never written for + characters I've never written for - with the exception of Jess, whom I play a little here and there in [ profile] mixed_muses. So - uh. That was difficult! And after not writing anything fic-like for a year, my skills were incredibly rusty. But my recipient seems to have enjoyed it, and I've gotten a lot of good feedback and kudoses, so it can't have been too horrible.

Synthetic silk curtains and pyjamas by [ profile] zelly for [ profile] portland_rain
Fandom: New Girl
Wordcount: 3,875
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Nick, Jess, Winston, Cece, Schmidt
Summary: Jess and Nick are pretty sure they're ready to move forward. Apparently they're not the only ones. With two roommates and a best friend set to get involved, antics ensue.

I also wrote a madness treat in yet another fandom I've never written for. It also seems to have gotten some pretty good feedback, which gives me the happies. Seriously, every time I see a little notification in my Inbox, I get a thrill of glee. I am so pathetic.

if it all fits by [ profile] zelly for [ profile] aeriel
Fandom: Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld
Wordcount: 1,214
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Deryn Sharp, Aleksandar Ferdinand, Nora Barlow
Summary: A short little humourous piece involving a little cross-dressing and experimentation.

A big, big thank you to [personal profile] rincredible for beta-ing this year! Considering the incredibly tight schedule, I am so grateful for her time. <3 I'd been meaning to get another treat in, but alas. Time and brainspace were not willing to cooperate.

I ... should really finish my recs-lists. I have part one here, but I have another part I was supposed to get to.

I am so looking forward to writing more. [ profile] yuletide is legit one of my favourite times of the year. Till next Yuletide!