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Name:zelly b.
Website:zelly | AO3
about this journal
This journal generally filled with public posts.

This is a place for me to collect bits of my writing - fanfiction, drabbles, writing exercises, rants and more. Most of the personal (rants, for example) posts are locked, but the drabble and fic are all public. So! If you're here for the drabble, read on and be merry. Comments are always appreciated; what author doesn't enjoy a little ego-stroking once in a while? (or okay, validation) - but only constructive crit, please. Any flaming, rudeness or asshattery will simply be deleted.

Feel free to add me if you're here to keep up with my fic; if you're interested in reading my f-locked stuff, leave me a comment here so I can add you back.
Please be aware that I reserve the right to add or not add you.

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