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zelly b. ([personal profile] tollers) wrote2015-10-02 11:52 pm

[ fanmix ] sepia photographs. ( the raven cycle. ) 2015.

Fandom: The Raven Cycle
Subject: Gansey/Adam
Title: sepia photographs.
Notes: just a whole lot of moody, sad love songs for two boys desperately in love with each other ...

❝ If Adam was stupid about his pride, Gansey was stupid about Adam. ❞


i _ the scientist ( holly henry )
ii _ circles ( the young romans )
iii _ let it all go ( RHODES ft birdy )
iv _ all i want ( dawn golden )
v _ when the right one comes along ( striking matches )
vi _ metal + dust ( london grammar )
vii _ missing ( the xx )
viii _ halo ( ane brune ft linnea olsson )

[ zip | yt | spotify | 8tracks ]

+ xx --> tt
+ comments are appreciated
+ if you're having difficulties d/ling, let me know
+ enjoy! xx

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