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Okay. I have no idea how much of this I am going to leave public, but I thought this would be a nice way to ease people into reading my script - and hopefully get hooked on it too! ;)

So! Yes. This is the teaser of the Pilot episode. I have no idea how long running time would be for this, but I can't imagine it's very long.

This is very omigod rough too, so forgive me if things don't make sense, or if it seems really ... off somehow. I'm aware of this! I am also trying to tweak things in my plot so I have a tightly-bound pilot plot that will hopefully hook 'viewers' for the rest of the season.

Feedback is more than welcome. Encouragement would be a godsend. Thanks for reading!

Refresher: The Toyland Character Bible.

Teaser of Toyland - Pilot )


15/1/10 21:11
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A Hardly Doing Any Work Production

Season: 1
Episodes: 13
Network: ... I have no idea who would accept a 13-episode season.
Genre: Science-fiction/fantasy, drama
Opening Credits (song): Long-view - When You Sleep

Premise: An average girl, Sadie Yoo (Bae Jin Ah), is swept up in a world she could never have imagined after following her little brother into another dimension. In it are life-sized toys - toys that look harmless and innocent at first but are actually quite the opposite: they are slaughtering people, causing human genocide until the last remaining people have no other choice but to run and hide.

And this is where Sadie accidentally finds the 'Exiles', a faction of human rebels trying to find other people like them and find a place of safety, while learning who the production maker, known only as Neverland Inc., is. These toys are being created by someone for some nefarious purpose, but what? And who is Neverland Inc.?


Main Cast

Sadie Yoo | Bae Jin Ah
Gavin Watsley | Joseph Gordon Levitt
Joseph Luke | Donald Sutherland
Neil Makensy | Christoph Waltz
Tinkerbell Makensy | Emma Roberts
Peter Steeson | Brandon T. Jackson

Supporting/Recurring Cast

Kyle Quentin | Samantha Ferris
Jenny Havergale | Joanna Garcia
The Nutcracker | Robert Wisdom
Odette | Lily Cole
General Hook | Ken Leung
Danielle Jakes | Dania Ramirez
Danta Malhotra | Kunal Nayyar

Other Exiles
Romola Baxter | S. Epatha Merkerson
George O'Devlin | Sam Worthington
Nathan Sydney | Naveen Andrews
Anna Barrie | Melissa George
James Barrie | Anthony Anderson
Brent Matthews | Richard Burgi

Sean Yoo | Ahn Do-Gyoo
Alice Yoo | Choi Jeong-Nam
Duncan Yoo | Lim Seon Taek
Ella Luke | Susan Sullivan
Adelaide Makensy | January Jones


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